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Frequntly Asked Questions

The Brighton render cleaning company you can rely on!

Is My Render cleanable?

Yes, whether it is Sand & Cement render, K-Rend, Monocouche, Lime render or Pebble dash, painted render our softwashing process will remove the algae spores thereby removing the red, green, yellow and black algae staining.

What causes the red, green, yellow and black stains on my wall render?

Damp and humidity areas causes these, especially during the wet & windy months allowing moisture to penetrate into the texture of the render where organic matter can be absorbed causing growth and reproduction of algae. Also shaded, poorly lit areas creating a cold and damp environment encourage the growth of algae and can be accelerated in planted areas around the building.

Do you carry out a site survey?

Yes without obligation, our first step is to survey and evaluate the condition of your property and to determine the specific process of application for your building. The next step is to treat a ‘test patch’ area free of charge, giving you visible results without compromise to the Integrity of your property.
It is extremely important, the company you choose understand different Render systems and the processes of how to be able to treat your property and each surface type. You can be assured pc com will evaluate and complete any works to the highest of standards.

How do you Clean my Wall Render?

Soft wash treatments will treat the root cause of the growths, and kill the spores, without damaging the property or harming the environment in any way. Soft washing treats unwanted biological growth and fungus, moss, red and green algae, bacteria, lichen, pollen, mold and other forms of embedded growth on an exterior surface without high pressure.

By using low pressure pumps to clean and rinse with minimal pressures. Soft washing is the fastest and very effective hard surface cleaning method in the UK market producing excellent results. Soft washing can keep surfaces clean for up to 5 years following treatment dependant on weather conditions and position of property.

It does not “bio accumulate” and breaks down rapidly on contact with soil to give it a very low environmental footprint. So once dry it is harmless to children and pets.

Is it effective?

Yes defiantly effective. After the deep clean, the building will look as clean as new and in many cases look aesthetically pleasing again in addition to maintaining or increasing property value.

Can you prevent the algae from coming back?

Once the render has been treated with our soft washing solution and looking as good as new, it will last for at least 3-4 years depending on the weather condition.

Can’t I just paint over the algae growth?

Painting without cleaning first is ‘masking’ the problem causing accelerated deterioration of your painted surface as the spores and algae breakdown the paint. This can lead to considerable and unwelcome costs.

Does your Render cleaning weaken or damage the Render in any way?

No. If the correct approach and processes of application are applied the result in essence is a healing effect. Pc com are experienced in surveying, evaluating and applying the correct processes to ensure there is no weakening or damage to the render. Any damaged render will be highlighted during the survey prior to any works.

What properties do you clean?

Apartment blocks, hotels, schools, commercial buildings and houses and any building with all type of render.

What areas do you cover?

East & West Sussex and surrey

Can I trust PC Com ?

Considerations for Health and Safety are as important to us as they are to you with all necessary measures taken to ensure we adhere to safety. We are also member of checkatrade association with over 500 reviews.