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K-Render Cleaning in Brighton

Soft-Washing Services in East & West Sussex

Can I paint My K-Render?

 Definitely NOT!

Rendered walls such as K render , Weber, Monocouche , Sto, etc do not need painting. If you need K-Render cleaning in Brighton, Call PC COM today!

Painting stops the render ‘BREATHING’  and can lock the moisture inside the render hence it will not dry out completely. This can cause big problems on the building in future.

IT’S SO COSTLY – access equipment is usually needed in order to paint in a safe way.

DIFFERENT COLOURS – When these Renders get wet, it changes colour. It looks darker when the rain water soaks into the surface. When sections have been painted this stands out and will looks odd.

The issue with painting these kinds of render is that often the algae is not killed first. This means the algae will continue to grow under the paint and cause the paint to fail and flake off the surface.

By soft washing the root system is killed meaning the walls look clean and are sanitised.

This not only gives great looking results, but will also stop the algae growing back as fast.

If you need K-Render cleaning in Brighton, it is essential that you understand the different render cleaning methods out there to ensure you choose the very best K-Render cleaning solution.

The best way to clean K-Render is to apply a suitable biocide which has been designed specifically for this type of render brand.

It is then normally important to steam clean at over 100 degrees C and at a very LOW pressure to ensure that all atmospheric pollutants have been cleaned and removed effectively as the biocide will only kill off the organic matter.

99% of all K-Rendered buildings, which PC COM  have cleaned over these past few years, have had both organic matter growth as well as atmospheric staining. Therefore using just a biocide will not remove everything.

K-Render and other modern render on the market should only be undertaken by an experienced soft-washing company, that have a knowledge of the right products to use and experience using the system.

Many cleaning companies and chemical manufacturers are failing to understand how to properly and safely clean the many different types of through coloured renders which have been used on all types of commercial and domestic properties throughout the UK.


We offer this sample clean service to fully understand what is required before we submit our full written quotation to you. You can then see for yourself the results you can expect for the buildings whole K-Render surfaces.

You can arrange K-Render cleaning in Brighton by simply calling us on 01273 208077 and ask to speak to a K-Render specialist who will arrange a visit that is convenient for you.

We will help transform your K-Rendered walls to look as good as new on any type of building.

The best way of cleaning K-Render is through gentle but thorough cleaning.

K-Render cleaning with PC Com can SAVE you money.

Believe it or not, our K-Render cleaning can save you money. We do this a number of ways:

No High Cost Repaints

While some contractors may recommend repainting K-Render, with our cleaning method there is no need for costly painting. Our method cleans all trace of dirt and organic material, ensuring the buildings exterior K-Render looks brand new.

Damage Free K-Render Cleaning

We are aware that some companies resort to pressure washing K-Render.

This can damage delicate K-render and leave the customer spending more money on repair jobs. Pressure washing will only damage the rendering surface. As a result it will severely affect the building’s appearance and could create damage to the structure. Our gentle steam-cleaning means that the surface is subject to a low-heat 150 degree vapour with a very low water content. We offer SAFE K-Render cleaning in Brighton.

Our Product Will protect your K-Render

We also treat the surface areas with our unique product which is not only environmentally friendly, but also significantly slows down regrowth of organic matter.