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Gentle enough for even EPDM membrane roofs

EPDM Membrane Roof Cleaning

Soft washing is the best solution for your EPDM Membrane Roof. It will give you the very best cleaning results. If you need a roof cleaning company in Sussex, call PC COM today!

Uncleaned EDPM membrane roofs can become very hot and end up cracking during hotter weather, causing leaks inside your building when it rains.

Many EPDM manufacturers warranties insist you have it cleaned at least once every TWO years.

EPDM roofs are usually light grey or white which reflects heat, thus keeping the building cooler inside. When moulds, lichens, mildew are left to infest the EPDM membrane it does not take them too long to cover the roof in a dark colour, often greenish black in appearance.

This type of infestation should not be cleaned with equipment such as pressure washers. This is because air conditioning units and other vents on the roofs will become contaminated with these moulds and mildews which can cause legionnaires disease entering the building.

Softwashing is the Answer!

Safer softwashing of your EPDM roof will also last two to three times longer than when cleaned with a pressure washer. PC COM is the premier roof cleaning company in Sussex offering this specialist service.

If you choose to have your EPDM roof cleaned by a pressure washing company, we would like to offer you a free sample clean after they have finished just so you can see how long the whole treatment would have lasted had you chosen our softwashing system over the pressure washing system. We are that confident that in our cleaning methods!

Pc Com would be more than happy to offer you a free quote and in many cases can offer you a free sample treatment area when you call 01273 208077 Today.

We cover East & West Sussex, including Brighton, Hove, Saltdean, Rottingdean, Woodingdean, Kemptown, Patcham, Withdean, Westdene, Hangleton, Portslade, Mile Oak, Fishersgate, Southwick, Shoreham, Lewes, Poynings, Burgess Hill & Hassocks.

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