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PC COM Soft-Washing Services

The Premier Sussex Softwashing Company!

Soft-washing Your Building Will Last 4-6 Times Longer Compared to Pressure Washing.

PC COM is the leading Sussex soft-washing company. Soft-washing gives the best results when used on exterior surfaces such as cedar wood cladding, plastic renders.

Ideal for use on walls and roofs, both pitched and flat. EPDM single ply membrane roofs come up like new when soft-wash treated.

Sanitising your building on the outside, rather than blasting it with high powered water jets, will give you the very best results.

Soft-washing sanitises all types of surfaces so they are truly clean.

High standards are demanded by our company to ensure your building is left clean and free from organic matter and other industrial type fallout which settles on building surfaces.

The main reason for choosing soft-washing over pressure washing is the long lasting results produced.

Soft-washing treats K-Rend, Parex, Weber, Monocouche and Plastisol type claddings, membrane roofs and roof tiles and ensures these surfaces stay cleaner for long periods of time.

Our certified applicators have the world’s best soft-wash equipment and products on board their vans and trucks. Built to be fit for purpose, these systems easily reach and clean surfaces safely in all types of buildings in the Sussex area.

When you want the very best cleaning treatment for your buildings exterior, soft-washing will give you the results you are looking for. Longevity of the clean will keep cleaning costs down as less frequent cleaning will be needed.

Soft-washing chemicals are designed to be safe for the environment and are low VOC. They also meet Good Stewards standards.

Benefits of Soft-washing K-Render

K-Render cleaning services should be undertaken by a certified soft-washing professional.

Choosing an experienced K-Render soft-washing specialist will ensure high quality results that are long lasting.

PC Com is a trained and insured Sussex soft-washing company. Soft-washing will prevent exterior render damage occurring to your propertys K-Rendered surfaces whilst being cleaned as no high pressure is used.

When you want the highest quality care for your building, soft-washing will give you the very best cleaning results – Guaranteed!

Soft-washing in the UK is a fairly new type of exterior building cleaning service, specialist soft-washing equipment must be used to ensure the soft-washing mixture has been blended properly prior to use. A typical softwash machine can be seen here

Modern buildings always look impressive but often over time K-Rendering becomes dirty with pollutants and moss and algae taking over, leaving the building looking tired and stained.

The benefits of correct render cleaning should not be underestimated. PC Com would never use a high-pressure washer to clean K-Render as this will cause damage and further problems. If you need an expert Sussex softwashing company, call PC COM today!

Learn More About Our Professional Soft-Wash Network and Why Soft-Washing Lasts Up to 4-6 Times Longer Than Pressure Washing Visit SoftWash Systems