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Wall & Brick Cleaning Sussex

Professional Cleaning Services in Brighton & Hove

There are number of different types of bricks and each one requires different cleaning techniques.

Clay brick types, such as engineering bricks, are extremely strong and they do not absorb water. The common brick , on the other hand, is soft and absorbs water perfectly – something to consider when choosing the type of equipment for brick cleaning. Do you need the brick cleaning Sussex professionals?

It is also very important to consider what needs to be cleaned off of the bricks. Whether it is cement, graffiti, paint, organic matter or atmospheric pollutants, all of which can often be found on bricks, you will need the correct cleaning method to remove them without causing damage to the brick face.

The gentle softer approach usually works best, such as Doff steam cleaning with super- heated water, instead of high-pressure cold water from a pressure washer, which if used too close to the brick will cause permanent unwanted damage.

Clean bricks will make your building look really smart and modern.

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