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Cladding Cleaning

Professional Cleaners In East & West Sussex

Cladding can fade over time and it is recommended by all cladding manufacturers to keep it clean to slow down this fading process.

PC COM are an experienced cladding cleaning company, which will give your buildings cladding the best results. Our Sussex cladding cleaning professionals can make your building look like new again!

You can call our Cladding Cleaners on 01273 208077 to discuss your requirements and arrange your free cladding cleaning quotation along with a free demonstration.

Make your building in East Sussex stand out from the rest, PC COM will enhance the look of your building, and your business, when the cladding cleaning project has been completed.

Soft-washing cladding is the best and most popular way of cleaning cladding. Often cladding can be cleaned this way without using high lift access equipment, saving you money