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Window cleaning is an incrediblyold profession. In fact, did you know that glass was being used by the Romans to create windows as far back as 100 AD? Here in England, glass windows have been used since the early 17thcentury… and you can bet that, in both Ancient Rome and 17thcentury England, some enterprising individuals made a living out of cleaning those windows! 

Because window cleaning is so old, and is generally taken for granted by people who order it, people don’t think of it as a profession which ‘develops’ over time, as others do. This is a big misconception. In fact, even in recent years, there have been several huge developments in window cleaning – not just in the techniques that are used, but in the equipment too. 

For our money, one of the most important breakthroughs in the historyof window cleaning is the pure water cleaning system. It’s something we adapted some time ago here at PC COM, and have happily used for our clients across East and West Sussex – in places like Brighton & Hove, Rottingdean and Southwick – with consistently excellent results. 

So, what exactly isa pure water cleaning system? We’re glad you asked!

In short, it’s a lengthy, lightweight pole – with a brush on the end – through which water is fed directly onto your windows. Immediately, this removes the need to use ladders entirely, rendering the old ‘ladder, bucket and sponge’ approach obsolete. In turn, this greatly reduces the risk involved in window cleaning. That goes for the windows, brickwork and gutters of your precious property, and for our lovely staff here at PC COM too, of course! With the pure water cleaning system, we can keep our feet firmly planted on the ground throughout the window cleaning process. 

To clarify, this does notmean that there are only a few areas of your property which we can reach. In fact, the opposite is true. This super-handy pole actually makes it easierto access those previously-tricky parts. It can be used on just about anything, from a conservatory to velux windows, and can reach four stories high. 

‘That’s all well and good,’ we hear you say. ‘But what about the actual window cleaning?’ Well, that’s the best part! You see, in addition to all its other benefits, the hot pure water cleaning system we use achieves vastly better results than the outdated cold water approach, which many window cleaning companies across Sussex – whether in Brighton, Hove, Rottingdean or Southwick – still use. 

That’s mostly because – as the name suggests – the water we use here is pure. It doesn’t contain all the chemicals and detergents which you’ll find in a traditional, soapy bucket of cold water. This purity – combined with the heated nature of the water – both gets your windows perfectly clean, and actually makes them look better visually, as you won’t get the streaky finish that chemical-heavy water leaves. 

Because there’s none of that nasty, artificial residue left over, the pure water approach also leads your windows to stay cleaner for longer. Technically that’s bad news for us here at PC COM, as it means you don’t need window cleaning quite so often… but we don’t mind really! 

(Having said all of that, we would still recommend getting your windows in East or West Sussex cleaned every 6-8 weeks, to both keep your windows looking great, and to ensure their long term health.)

So, we think we’ve made it clear that pure water window cleaning is a pretty amazing invention. The only question that now remains is, why should you choose PC COM specifically to utilise it, over all the other window cleaning companies in Brighton? There are a whole lot of answers to that question, but we’ll try to keep it nice and brief!

Basically, we tick every box you could ask for. Having been founded back in 1999, we’re certainly experienced, which helps us to complete every job both effectively and efficiently. We also place a huge premium on safety and care – even though the pure water system is much safer in general than the ladder-based approach, you still need operators who are careful and considerate around your property. Finally, we’re also extremely flexible. We’re happy to clean the windows on any type of building you can throw at us, at a time that’s convenient to you. 

If you’re still paying a window cleaner who’s using the outdated cold water approach… it’s high time to change! 

Give the pure water cleaning system a shot, courtesy of PC COM, and we’re sure you’ll never look back. 

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