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We like to think of ourselves as realists here at PC COM – ‘straight shooters’, as they say across the pond. When we call ourselves the top exterior cleaning company in Brighton & Hove for example, we really mean it. When we tell you that – in the dead of winter, when it’s freezing cold and tipping down with rain, we don’t exactly lovebeing out in the elements doing our job – we mean that too! With that in mind, we know that the subject we’re about to discuss isn’t particularly exciting, or sexy… but believe us when we say that it’s incredibly important. That subject? Gutter cleaning. 

While they’re not something we think about too often, gutters are an integral part of every property we use, whether it’s the home in which we live or the office in which we work. They funnel water away from our precious roofs, and safely away from our properties as a whole… something which is particularly important in the rainy UK, even in the relativelysunny areas of East and West Sussex! 

Like everything else on a property – whether that be windows, cladding or the exterior surfaces – gutters don’t look after themselves. If they’re left untouched, then over time they’ll start to get filled up with all manner of unwanted stuff, whether that be leaves, dirt, or any other kind of debris. In turn, this can snowball into a variety of nasty consequences. That buildup of debris makes an excellent home for mice and other rodents, for example, which can then infiltrate your property. In the worst case, since the gutters are no longer draining your roof properly, it can lead to water damage inside or outside your home, or even a complete breakage of the guttering.  

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether it’s pests, serious structural damage, or some other undesirable issue. Whatever the specifics, it’s a headache you don’t want to be dealing with as a homeowner or business owner, whether you’re based in Brighton, Hove, Saltdean or Rottingdean. If serious damage is incurred, it can be a nasty blow to your wallet too. 

Fortunately, these scenarios are actually very easy to avoid, with the help of professional gutter cleaning. Find the right gutter cleaning company in Brighton, Hove, or elsewhere in Sussex, and they’ll take care of all the hard work for you. We’d recommend hiring them for a one-off job first, just to check they’re up to scratch, but it’s subsequently extremely important that you book in regular cleaning sessions. As a rule of thumb, while it’s definitely a case of ‘the more, the better’, you should have your gutters cleaned in both the spring and autumn each year at the very least. The autumn obviously sees the most leaves falling – which are the number one cause of gutter-related problems – and a spring clean helps to undo any and all damage which might have been done by the tough winter weather. 

The only question remaining, of course, is who should you get to carry out this regular gutter cleaning? Fortunately, there’s another easy answer here – PC COM, of course! 

Over the past two decades, we’ve built up a vast base of experience in both commercial and residential gutter cleaning around Brighton and the surrounding areas. Crucially, we’re equally comfortable cleaning gutters on tall properties as we are on smaller ones. This is mostly thanks to our modern, extremely effective (and very cool) camera systems, which actually allow us to see inside your gutters to both size up the job, and check they’re clear once we’ve finished. Used in conjunction with our top-of-the-line cleaning equipment, this ensures that we get consistently excellent results. Best of all, we’re able to keep our feet on the ground the entire time, helping to greatly reduce the risk of damaging your property… and keeping our team members safe too, of course! 

Neglected gutters can lead to several nasty situations, which will take time, effort and money to solve. By comparison, regular professional gutter cleaning takes none of your time and effort, and is far cheaper than paying for significant structural repairs. Basically, it’s a no-brainer! Just get in touch with PC COM now – the premier gutter cleaning company in East and West Sussex – and we’ll talk you through the process, and have your gutters cleaned in no time. To do just that, simply call 01273 208077, or email today.