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Having a proper roof over our heads is something we’re lucky enough to take for granted here in the Brighton & Hove area, and the UK in general. Don’t worry, we’re not here today to lecture you about counting your blessings! What we arehere to do, however, is remind you to care and maintain for your precious roofs. 

The most obvious function that roofs serve is obviously… to keep us dry! In addition to that, however, they’re also vitally important for the insulation of our homes. Well-maintained and completely intact roofs are able to retain heat much more effectively than their more neglected counterparts. In turn, this both makes our homes more cosy, and saves significantly on our heating bills. 

While they’re super-important, though… these roofs obviously don’t maintain themselves! Because of their outdoor nature, they are constantly exposed to the elements, which willtake their toll over the long term. We do tend to have better weather here in East & West Sussex than most places in the UK, but over time our roofs will still inevitably suffer build-ups of dirt, which makes our homes look uncared-for and unattractive. 

A bigger threat than that, however, is algae. It also looks unattractive, but more importantly it will eat away at the shingles holding your tiles together, which – in turn – reduces the structural integrity and lifespan of your roof. Leave this problem long enough, and you’ll eventually need to shell out for repairs, which can potentially cost thousands of pounds. Not good! 

The good news is that – if you stay ahead of it – this might never be a problem for you. The best way to do this, by an absolute mile, is to hire a professional roof cleaning company which operates in Brighton, Hove, Rottingdean, Southwick, and elsewhere in the area. 

Spotting the aforementioned problems for yourself is extremely difficult to do, but a professional roof cleaner will be able to recognize them very quickly indeed. Even better, they’ll also be able to take care of these issues, and banish them for a long time to come. 

Here at PC COM, we’ve been carrying out professional roof cleaning across the Brighton & Hove area for around two decades now. This extensive experience allows us to swiftly identify any problems your roof might be facing, and deal with them in an efficient and effective manner. 

How exactly do we do this? Well, we’re glad you asked! While many roof cleaning companies use pressure washing on roofs, we prefer a different, betterapproach – soft washing. Rather than simply blasting away at the tiles, our soft washing equipment is able to smoothly get rid of all the algae and dirt, but then – crucially – also sanitise the entire area, using environmentally-friendly chemicals. We doubt you care too much about the science behind all this, but the important thing is that this actually keeps your roof cleaner for far longer. In turn, this means better protection for your precious roof, and less frequent cleanings… and thus less money to be spent by you! 

We love to move with the times here at PC COM, and we constantly upgrade to new equipment whenever we feel it’s necessary. In fact, we recently just purchased an entire new roof cleaning system, which has noticeably improved upon our already-excellent results. You can actually check out a video of our roof cleaning process on YouTube, here. In particular, notice both the gentle way in which the roofs are cleaned, and the fact that the entire operation is carried out from the ground, without any need for us to clamber around on our customers’ roofs. More aggressive roof cleaning approaches can end up causing more harm than good, but that’s certainly not a risk with PC COM! 

In summary, we’d ask you to consider two things. Firstly, the roof of your home needs looking after, just like the windows, patio, garden, or any other part of your property that’s exposed to the elements. Secondly, there’s a right and a wrong way to do this. Trying to clean it yourself is definitelya wrong way, but we’d also definitely say that pressure washing is a wrong way too, for the reasons we’ve mentioned. 

Save yourself time and money by making the right choice the first time. Simply contact PC COM today – the premier roof cleaning company in East & West Sussex – and enquire about our soft washing roof cleaning service. 

To do just that, you can call us on 01273 208077, or send an email to