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It’s fair to say that spring is getting off to a pretty slow start here in Brighton & Hove! While our calendars insist that the new season should be well underway by now… it’s taking the weather a little time to realize this! Regardless, history and science tell us that – eventually – things will… ‘brighten’ up around here (sorry – we guess that’s why people pay us for exterior cleaning, rather than to make puns). 

When they do, we’ll all finally be able to get out and about again, and enjoy the fresh air once more. For many people, the warmer months are a great time to organize events with friends and families, whether they be barbecues, parties, or simple social gatherings. In these circumstances, of course, it’s only natural that you should want your home to look its absolute best. That – combined with a general sense of the possibility of new beginnings – is one of the reasons why spring cleaning is so popular in the first place. 

The problem with all of that, of course… is that many people simply don’t like cleaning! It’s time-consuming, and is generally not thought of as a fun way to spend one’s time! You might just about be able to stomach cleaning the interior of your home, but the thought of cleaning the entire outside of it too can seem pretty overwhelming. Even if you do force yourself to commit to this undertaking, it’s unlikely that you’ll achieve the results you crave without professional-level exterior cleaning equipment or training… which we’re guessing you don’t have!

For the sake of your sanity, and your home, we’d urge you to consider a far simpler and more effective solution – professional exterior cleaning. And here at PC COM, we’d love to be the ones to carry this out for you. 

We’ve been providing exterior cleaning services for the good people of East & West Sussex – including those living in Brighton & Hove, Saltdean, Rottingdean and beyond – since all the way back in 1999. Across those two decades, we’ve noticed how our services have consistently been more popular at around this time of year, as people seek a little help with their spring cleaning. 

We’re pleased to say that many of our first-time clients have gone on to become recurring PC COM customers. While we like to think this is mostly down to our charming personalities… it mightalso have something to do with the consistently excellent results we deliver. Primarily, these come courtesy of our soft-washing technique. 

While many professional exterior cleaning companies in East & West Sussex use pressure washing, we muchthe soft-washing approach. For starters, the fact that the water is applied at vastly lower pressures means it poses a much lower risk to your surfaces. The last thing you want from a professional exterior cleaning company is for them to do more harm than good, but – unfortunately – this is always a risk with pressure washing. 

In addition, we fully believe that soft-washing actually achieves superior results than pressure washing. Rather than just blasting away the surface dirt, it uses environmentally-friendly chemical solutions to sanitise the surface. This does a better job of getting rid of unwanted substances like dirt and algae – which will certainly have built up over the winter – and crucially helps your surfaces to staycleaner for longer. In some cases, soft-washing can keep a surface clean for a whopping 5 years. That’s a lot of money you’re saving yourself on spring cleaning in the long run! 

Here at PC COM, we obviouslydon’t mind a spot of cleaning. It’s our job, after all! If you’d prefer to spend your time this spring actually enjoying the nice weather which is coming our way, rather than spring cleaning, then we’re here to make that happen for you. We’d highly advise you to take the stress out of your spring clean this year by leaving it to the professionals. Our exterior cleaning service will get your home sparkling clean in no time, and at an affordable rate too. 

If you’re based in East & West Sussex, and you’d like a completely free quotation for some exterior cleaning work now, don’t hesitate to get in touch. To do so, just give PC COM a call on 01273 208077, or send an email to We look forward to hearing from you!