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⁉️ is your roof cleaning safe ⁉️

‼️Well, it all depends on who does the cleaning‼️

we have seen & heard at least 70% of customers are generally concerned with the risks, and the potential problems of cleaning their roofs. 

So what are the risks? What are the possible problems of cleaning the roof? Or, why do people often ask, “Is it safe to clean my roof?”.

The possible problems start when customers get an inexperienced person or company attempting to clean the roof. 

An inexperienced person or company think that it is perfectly good to try to pressure wash any type of roof. 

But this is not the case. The first thing is the inspection of every roof before cleaning. 

Because Of bad condition and there’s missing tiles, then there may be a risk of water getting through if applied wrong way in to cleaning of the roof. 

If the cleaning method is done wrong and the person cleaning the roof is pointing the water jets upwards, then there is a potential for water to get up and under the tiles.

If an inexperienced person or company tries to pressure wash a certain type of tile that has a concrete type face, or a sandy, gritty upper layer, they’re likely to remove this layer during pressure washing and make the tile more porous and bad look. 

This leads to a change in the appearance of the roof, and it can often be appeared as pale yellow in appearance. This can also leave the roof open to potential further damage.

The other potential problems that exist when choosing a roof cleaning company are if any damage or accidents happen while you’re cleaning your roof, you want to ensure that the person or company carrying out the roof cleaning insurance so in case of any accidents or issues do occur.

Any reputable roof cleaning company will be happy to supply you with their public liability and relevant insurances.

✅ We always recommend soft washing any roof. This method will eliminate any risk of damage to any types of roofs. ✅