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❓Is soft washing effective on any type of render ❓

For a long-term cleanliness that does more than just blast away the surface layer of dirt and grime, soft washing is the preferred cleaning method for any type of render. 

Soft washing is a low-pressure form of cleaning designed for all exterior wall’s surfaces. It utilises low-pressure pumps and eco-friendly chemicals to effectively sanitise and breakdown contaminants, which are then rinsed away.

Soft washing also adds kerb appeal to your home, plus help to prevent costly maintenance bills further down the line. 

✅ Soft washing is the scientific approach to home exterior cleaning. 

✅ Soft washing kills biological contaminants such as lichen, algae, pollen and moss, which otherwise discolour and damage all surfaces.

✅ The chemical we use are also designed to inhibit the regrowth of spores and contaminants.

⁉️ Jet washing will also remove the contaminants and will look great (for a while). However, jet washing will not kill the unwanted biological growth from the root meaning it will return to the surface much quicker than an area treated with a soft wash method.

✅ Soft washing is Long-lasting sanitisation for your home. 

On average, a roof or wall that has been soft washed will not need treating again for approximately 5-6 years (depending on weather conditions and the location of your property), whereas a jet wash area is likely to see biological regrowth in just short few months.

This is because soft wash treatments penetrate more than just the surface of the wall or the roofing material and absorb into every crevice to breakdown biological growth in a safe, biodegradable way.

Because soft washing is a treatment that lasts so much longer. 

✅ Soft washing does not cause any damage to your property

Jet-washing not only blasts away grime, but the high-pressured water jets can also cause damage to the masonry of walls or the slates and tiles on your roof. 

✅ soft wash chemicals are eco-friendly and biodegradable, so it causes no harm to children or pets.  And because there are no high-pressure water jets involved, it uses much less water too.

✅ Therefore soft washing is the future cleaning & sanitising.