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⁉️How do I know that soft washing will give best result ⁉️

So soft washing technique is based strongly in the spray-and-kill-it approach. 

✳️ The application of a chemical to kill an alien invader. The inoculation for the virus. The cure for the disease. Soft washing is and will always be the application of a chemical to a surface where the chemical does all of the killing and cleaning of the microbe. 

✳️ Soft washing chemicals need only be applied to clean. No pressure is needed for the cleaning, only for the application. Anywhere the chemical can reach will be cleaned by the chemical. The chemical is not selective. It cleans whatever it comes in contact with.

✳️ Soft washing became a quick and effective way to treat and clean away any organic-based stain from a building’s surface, especially where pressure washing would damage roofs, paint, wood, or other delicate surfaces. 

✳️ The list of building infestations which are Mold, mildew, algae, fungus, bacteria, viruses, germs, mosses, lichens, insects, organic soiling, and more were easily removed with the soft washing technology. 

This explains why you get the best result from soft washing.