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The people who sell cladding might be some of the best salesman around. That goes not just for our local areas of East & West Sussex, but for the entire country! These people will talk and talk about how amazing cladding is, and the wonders it will do for your business, so that buying it sounds like a no-brainer. They conveniently neglect to mention, however, that cladding actually requires a fair amount of care and attention after it’s been installed. 

Here at PC COM, we’ve been cleaning cladding around Brighton, Hove, Rottingdean and Southwick for nearly two decades, so it’s fair to say that we’re well-acquainted with the stuff! And, we would absolutely admit that there are numerous benefits to having cladding on your business premises. 

Firstly, a nice, clean set of cladding looksabsolutely fantastic, making your building appear sleek and modern. Given how important appearances are in business, this can certainly help to improve your profits, as it helps to both attract new customers and project an impression of professionalism to returning clients. It also has some very useful practical benefits. Most importantly, it provides additional insulation for the property underneath, helping to cut down on your heating bills significantly. 

So, when that silver-tongued salesman told you about all the great things which cladding brings to your business… he wasn’t lying! What he might have neglected to tell you, however, is that your cladding still needs caring for, long after it has been installed. 

Over time, the elements will take their toll on your precious cladding. While we enjoy better conditions than other parts of the country here in beautiful Brighton, we do still get our fair share of adverse weather. As the weeks and months go by, this willlead to your cladding becoming dirtier and dirtier. There’s nothing you can do about this – it’s simply an inevitability of nature. In turn, this will make your premises look less and less attractive to visitors, whether they’re coming for the first time or the twentieth time. The knock-on effect of this, unfortunately, will be a downturn in business. 

We know that all sounds a little doom-and-gloom, but don’t worry – there’s an easy way to fix this problem! Simply pick up the phone, and get in touch with the top professional cladding cleaning company in the wider Brighton area, PC COM. We’ll visit your business at your earliest convenience to give you a quotation, and even a cladding cleaning demonstration, completely free of charge. 

Once you’ve given us the go ahead, our team of highly-trained cladding cleaning professionals will be on-site before you know it. We’ll then put our high-end equipment – and all of that training – to good use. Specifically, we carry out soft-washing cladding cleaning. We’ve found this to be far more effective than the old-fashioned method, and – crucially – we’re usually able to do it without the need for high-lift access equipment. This both makes your fees lower (that kind of equipment costs money, after all!), and reduces the level of risk to both our employees and your cladding. 

As businesspeople, we’re sure you can see generally see the sense in keeping that cladding clean. We also know, however, that you’re programmed to save money and cut costs wherever possible! Accordingly, it might be pretty tempting to try cleaning that cladding yourself, or getting one of your employees to do it. 

As you can probably guess, we would notrecommend doing this! Without extensive training, it’s highlyunlikely you’ll actually get your cladding clean. In fact, you might end up making it look worse! Of course, without that training or high-level equipment, it’s also very possible that you might damage your cladding. Given how costly it was to install in the first place, and how much it might cost to repair or replace, we have to ask… is it really worth taking the risk? 

We’d say the answer to that question is a firm ‘no’. Of course we’d prefer you to hire PC COM specifically, but even if you don’t (for some reason!) we’d still 100% recommend that you hire one professional cladding cleaning company or another. There are quite a few options around Brighton & Hove, and the wider East and West Sussex areas… PC COM just happens to be the best one! 

Getting cladding in the first place was definitely a smart move. Now, though, you need to make sure you protect that investment. By far the best way to do this, and to ensure your business looks as good as it possibly can, is to get professional cladding cleaning.

To get a free quotation on your job today, just call 01273 208077, or email