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Cleaning out the gutters is just one of thosejobs. You know the ones we’re talking about – the jobs that you know you haveto do at some point… but that you also want to put off for as long as you possibly can! However long you put it off for though, it will need to be done eventually, and the longer you leave it, the worse the situation in your gutters will become!

To get a little more serious for a moment, it isreally, really important that your gutters are regularly cleaned. Over time, your gutters will naturally accumulate all manner of unwanted stuff, such as leaves, debris and dirt. If this mixture builds up to a great enough mass, it can cause real problems – think flood damaging, ice dams in colder weather, and even pest infestations. Coming out of the winter months, in which our homes tend to be battered more harshly by the elements, these situations can become even more likely. None of that sounds particularly desirable to us here at PC COM! And, to make sure that it doesn’t happen, we’d recommend gutter cleaning at least twice per year. 

The question then becomes… who actually doesthat gutter cleaning? 

We know that a lot of people across East and West Sussex – whether they’re in Brighton & Hove, Rottingdean or Southwich – like to do their own gutter cleaning. If you fall into this category too, don’t worry – we completely understand your reasoning. Why pay somebody to do something which you can do yourself, right? It certainly seems like a pretty easy way to save a bit of money, which you can then spend on something more fun than… gutter cleaning! 

While we might understand your reasoning, though, we also strongly disagree with it. The fact is that, while you will save a bit of money by doing your own gutter cleaning here in Sussex, this simply does not outweigh the extra risk that you’re taking on, to both your person and your property. 

Did you know that approximately 6,000 peopleare injured in the UK each year, following a ladder accident in or around their homes? Of those accidents, around 40 per year tend to be fatal, unfortunately. Basically, if you’re heading up a ladder – particularly if you’re going up to the second story of your home – you’re taking a big risk. It’s as simple as that. Is it really worth taking on this level of danger twice a year, simply to save a few quid? 

Of course, that’s only half of our issue with the DIY approach to gutter cleaning here at PC COM. Our other major question is… do you actually know what to do when you doget up that ladder?! 

Sure, you can probably scrape out a few leaves, but do you know how to fully and totally get rid of the dirt – and perhaps even algae or moss – that will have accumulated there? If not, while you might get those gutters superficially cleaner in the short term, they won’tstayclean in the long term. Would you be able to spot the early signs of cracks, which might result in leaks or even a complete breakage of the gutter in the near-future? Unless you’ve got years and years of experience with guttering… the answer is probably ‘no’! 

We’d say it’s crystal clear that trying to take care of your own gutter cleaning is a prettybad idea. You know what a much smarter idea is? Calling a professional gutter cleaning company here in Sussex. One with years of experience, specialist equipment, and a proven track record. In fact, one just like… PC COM!

PC COM have been providing professional gutter cleaning in Brighton & Hove, Southwick, Rotterdean, and elsewhere in East and West Sussex for two decades now. That definitely ticks the old ‘experience’ box, but we’d say our specialist equipment is much more exciting. We actually attach cameras – along with powerful vacuum units – to the end of long, lightweight poles. This allows us to see inside your gutters as we clean them, while keeping our feet firmly on the ground the entire time, thus ensuring there’s no damage done to either people or property. You can check out some videos for yourself by clicking here!

Regular gutter cleaning is extremely important for the long-term health of your home, but it’s not worth risking your health over. Hiring PC COM – the premier gutter cleaning company in the Brighton area – twice a year, at a very reasonable rate, is the quickest and safest way to get your gutters clean. 

To get a free quotation on your work now, just call us on 01273 208077, or send us an email at