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When it comes to exterior cleaning, one method seems to get by farthe most attention – pressure washing. And… we get it! Pressure washing sounds cool, it looks cool, and it’s fun to do (that is, if you do take the DIY approach – which we wouldn’t recommend, for safety reasons). In theory, blasting a high-powered stream of water at a building – whether it’s a commercial or residential property – should be a pretty efficient way to clean it, right? 

Well, as the Game of Thrones fans amongst you will already know, things aren’t always as they appear. Pressure washing might seem like the route to take, to the untrained eye, but we’re more than happy to put the record straight for you. Not only do you have more than one option, when it comes to getting your property in East or West Sussex cleaned… you actually have a betteroption.

Here at PC COM, we’ve been cleaning homes and businesses around Brighton & Hove, Rottingdean and Southwick for two decades now. That obviously gives us a huge amount of experience, so… we know what we’re talking about, basically. With that in mind, please believe us when we say that – in all that time – by far the most effective exterior cleaning method we’ve used is soft washing. 

‘What issoft washing?’ we hear you ask. Allow us to fill you in! In short, soft washing applies water to the property at a much lower pressure, and makes use of chemical solutions to aid the process, and make it much more effective. Rather than simply blasting away at a surface until it looks clean, soft washing actually sanitises that surface. 

Why should you choose soft washing over pressure washing? Well, where do we start?! 

Firstly, while pressure washing might looklike it’s getting your surfaces clean, in reality soft washing is much more effective at doing so. As we mentioned earlier, this is primarily because it actually sanitises the surface, by using powerful chemical solutions. Don’t worry, though – these chemicals might be super effective, but they’re also specifically designed to be safe for the environment, meet industry safety standards, and are low-VOC (meaning they don’t adversely affect your air quality). 

Secondly, and perhaps even more importantly, pressure washing keeps your property clean for longer. We fully understand that – even though it’s incredibly rewarding to see your property transformed by a soft washing company like PC COM – it’s still annoying to need to shell out for something like this. There are certainly more fun things to spend your money on! By using soft washing instead of pressure washing, you’re also guaranteeing yourself less frequent cleans. In fact, it’s been estimated that soft washing results can last for a whopping 4-6 timeslonger than pressure washing, meaning you can save yourself a considerable amount of money over the long run. 

That all sounds pretty great, right? The truth is that… it isgreat! There are really no drawbacks whatsoever to using soft washing on your Sussex-based property. In addition to the other major benefits we’ve listed, this is also an extremely flexible service… at least, it is when PC COM does it, anyway! Our top-of-the-line equipment is capable of reaching just about anywhere on your property, no matter its shape or size, all from the safety of the ground or a platform. It can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces – including wood and plastic – and can be used on walls, roofs, and even K-Render. 

While we don’t have the worst weather in the world down here in East & West Sussex – whether in Brighton, Hove, Rottingdean or Southwick – our buildings are still open to the elements, and will still naturally suffer build-ups of dirt, mould, algae, and other unwanted substances over time. You don’t have a choice about that, of course, but you dohave a choice about how your respond to this issue. 

Pressure washing might be the most famous solution, and might even appear to be the most effective at first glance… but now you know better! Soft washing is more effective, more efficient, and – best of all – is easier on your wallet in the long run! 

To enquire about exterior cleaning for your home or business today, simply get in touch with PC COM – Brighton’s number one soft washing company. To do so, just give us a call on 01273 208077, or email