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Bricks have been used as the fundamental building blocks of structures for thousands of years. And, as you already know, this substance is still one of the most popular cornerstones of building works today, thanks to its sturdiness and the fact that – when it’s looked after properly – it looks fantastic. 

As any homeowner or long-term business owner whose premises are made of brick will know, however, keeping these surfaces looking good over the months and years is easier said than done! Like everything else which is continuously exposed to the elements, brick’s normally modern and appealing appearance will diminish as nature takes its toll. Simple dirt will be the number one culprit – it’s basically impossible to prevent dirt from forming, but this formation will still make your building look dirty and uncared-for. 

On a home, that simply makes it a less pleasant place to be, and certainly makes you feel less comfortable in inviting friends and family around to visit! On a business, the consequences are far more drastic. Places like cafes and restaurants both survive and thrive on – amongst other things – maintaining an atmosphere that’s both welcoming and hygienic. Grubby brickwork will quickly put an end to this, and – in turn – the business will suffer financially. Likewise, offices and client-facing organisations absolutely need to carry an air of professionalism. A dirty exterior – which neglected bricks create – will not only diminish this effect amongst employees, thus lowering morale and productivity, but will create a terrible first impression to prospective clients. 

That might all sound a bit negative, but we’re a solutions-oriented company here at PC COM, and we’re here to tell you there’s no need to despair! While these are certainly significant problems, this whole issue is pretty easy to dodge by caring for your bricks. This should absolutely not – we repeat, not– be done by amateurs, though! In almost every case, brick cleaning carried out by the untrained won’t achieve any drastic results anyway. In the worst cases, it will actually lead to long-term damage for your bricks… which is the opposite of what you want! The costs incurred in these circumstances can easily be avoided by simply plumping for a professional brick cleaning company in the first place… and you’ll get vastly better results too! 

At PC COM, we consider ourselves some of, if not theforemost experts in brick cleaning in East & West Sussex, whether in Brighton & Hove, Saltdean, Rottingdean, or anywhere else in our lovely corner of the world. We’ve certainly been at it long enough, having started offering our professional brick cleaning service all the way back in 1999! 

Carry out a quick search online, and you’ll find plenty of articles telling you how easy it is to clean your own bricks. As previously mentioned, we know a thing or two about this (to put it mildly), and we can’t advise you strongly enough notto try it! For starters, there’s no such thing as ‘a typical brick’ out there – there are plenty of different types of bricks, and a (sometimes dramatically) different approach is needed for each variant. Some absorb water easily, for instance, while others barely absorb it at all. Take the wrong approach for the wrong type of brick, and you risk significant long-term damage. 

Likewise, the thing that you’re actually trying to remove from the brick massively dictates the approach you must take. From organic matter like dirt, to paint, to cement, to atmospheric pollutants, each and every problematic substance requires a specific technique. Again, the wrong techniques can lead to severe consequences, which can be costly and time-consuming to fix. 

Finally, brick cleaning – regardless of the type of brick or the problem it’s facing – isn’t something which can be carried out effectively with a good old-fashioned bucket and sponge! You simply won’t get the results unless you have high-grade, professional cleaning equipment… and we’re guessing you don’t have that lying around! The PC COM team – as you might expect, given our status as Brighton & Hove’s leading brick cleaning professionals –  do have access to these kinds of tools. Just as importantly, thanks to our extensive expertise and intensive training, we know how to use them too! If you’d like a visual demonstration, simply check out thisYouTube video to see our team in action. 

Carried out incorrectly, brick cleaning can both cause some nasty damage to your Sussex-based home or business, and fail to get the structure looking clean anyway. With professional brick cleaning in the Brighton & Hove area, though, from the likes of PC COM, your residential or commercial property can be looking as good as new again in no time. To book in a brick cleaning session now, just give us a call on 01273 208077, or email